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  核心提示: In the first half of this year, many game player must have one of the most impressive word is 'Sade...

In the first half of this year, many game player must have one of the most impressive word is "Sade", the market rumors, "Sade" deployment intention is clear, is to create chaos in East Asia, regardless of whether the message is true, but the Korean order "is really coming! From "Sade" Lotte Group business in China has been resisted, restrict a series of TV dramas, and to the Ministry of culture and the press and publication administration under the decree, in short, these people take the "Korean" this train or business will be affected.在今年的上半年,想必很多玩家印象最深刻的一个词就是“萨德”,坊间传言,“萨德”部署的意图很明显,就是为了在东亚地区制造混乱,不管这些留言是真的,但是“限韩令”是真的来了!从提供“萨德”的乐天集团在华业务受到抵制,到文化部和广电新闻出版总局下发的一系列的电视剧、韩星的限制令,总之,搭上“韩国”这趟列车的这些人或者业务都将受到牵连。

Of course, the game ring is no exception, although a "limited Korean order" came a bit late! According to the latest news, June 14, 2017, due to the influence of thad missile into Korea, South Korea does not explicitly inform the superior game review, the major news can make 2017 may lead to the development of South Korea to cancel or suspend projects related to Tencent, NetEase, Shanda and other mainstream game companies!当然游戏圈也同样不可例外,虽然一纸“限韩令”来的稍微晚了一些!据最新消息透露,2017年6月14日之后,由于萨德导弹入韩的影响,上级明确通知涉韩游戏不予审核,禁韩令2017年这一重大消息或许会导致腾讯、网易、盛大等主流游戏公司取消或暂停相关项目的开发!


With the gradual rise of domestic online games, great wisdom Chinese people also created a gradual rise of domestic online games, such as the "journey", "JX" and "the world", of course this is unavoidable during the period of the blizzard Baba "World of Warcraft", a different kind of shares into Europe and the large 3D Chat Game to game player Chafanbusi although, slowly weakened the influence of Korean online games, but still can not shake its status! During this period, the domestic first-line Tencent focused on large coffee three Korean online games - agent "Dungeon Fighter Online", "Cross Fire" and "Dragon Valley", it may not be, once the full penetration model of Tencent to open, is affecting more than a generation, the influence of Korean online games gradually ingrained.
Today, although the end of the travel market is gradually shrinking, but the Korean online games and will not wait, Mobile Games layout is "quietly", South Korea as a creative game market, South Korea Mobile Games provides a prototype design for the domestic Mobile Games, we can say that there are many from the East west.


Korean restrictions may be the last straw in online games in South korea"
Although said, "the Korean order" a jittery, in the Korean online games heritage is still relatively large domestic game industry, in the end will be much fighting? In fact, the limit to the impact of South Korea is not so strong, the first to be affected is developing or has not reviewed the game, but the game behind these are the basic game industry heavyweights, and will not be injured in the sinews or bones is too large, so basically not; and small companies are not more effect with radical "shot for a place" ideas, they can use another way to lower domestic IP. And the trial or online games will not be affected, perhaps this is a lot of people still a sigh of relief!
But the recent trend is the end of the tour, originally is the fire slowly "moved" to the Mobile Games, such as the "journey" and "Cross Fire", the localization is very high, the operation style is pure Chinese style, basically is gradually from the South Korean online games "control", and once on the domestic game circle as an important South Korea game, we will win the high?



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