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  核心提示:Has been approved by the state council, the ministry, the ministry of commerce and other departments...
Has been approved by the state council, the ministry, the ministry of commerce and other departments jointly hosted more than the 15th China international software and information service fair (hereinafter referred to as the "RuanJiaoHui"), was held in dalian xinghai square exhibition center. As one of the domestic game industry leading enterprises of west mountain to be invited to the event, and release more of FPS games new products at the scene, at the same time exposure brand new www.fy119.com "xishan, clear the company's future business development direction in the field of deep FPS.日前由国务院批准,工信部、商务部等多部委联合主办的第十五届中国国际软件和信息服务交易会(以下简称“软交会”),在大连星海广场展览中心隆重举行。作为国内游戏产业领军企业之一的西山居受邀参展,并在现场发布多款FPS射击网游新品,同时曝光全新品牌“西山居www.fy119.com”,明晰了公司未来深耕FPS领域的业务拓展方向。

Released in the western hills three FPS XinYou each differentiation: the main "FPS +" to create the concept of online game client "www.fy119.com", "www.fy119.com" fashionable romance characteristic mobile game "www.fy119.com", and millet combination makes the game, with "fair competition" for the purpose of "millet www.fy119.com".此次西山居发布的三款FPS射击新游各具差异化:主打“FPS+”创造理念的客户端网游《www.fy119.com》,“时尚浪漫www.fy119.com”特色手机游戏《www.fy119.com》,以及和小米游戏强强联合打造,以“公平竞技”为主旨的《小米www.fy119.com》。






Itself in combat, "www.fy119.com" also provides a comfortable PVP, and exciting PVE mode for players to choose from, each the guns used in the players on the www.fy119.com is the real gun prototype modification, and the future of science and technology feeling and reality sense of verisimilitude.在战斗本身方面,《www.fy119.com》也提供酣畅淋漓的PVP,以及惊险刺激的PVE模式供玩家选择,玩家在www.fy119.com中使用的每一把枪械都是由真实枪支原型改造而来,兼备未来科技感和现实拟真感。


www.fy119.com -- classic IP derived relationships

"Www.fy119.com" is derived from the west in its nearly 10 years of classical IP "war on terror", in the end to improve mobile games frame, handle at the same time, also inherited the end the theme of youth, fashion, romantic, with fashion style of game, to attract more young players. It is a recreational shot that shows the vitality of youth.

Swim IP is different with the original end, also opened a new "www.fy119.com" to "love" as the main line of fascinating plot worldview, for players to feel the "fire and rose" bloody romance battlefield, greatly enriched the gaming experience.

《www.fy119.com》——经典IP衍生 情缘主线串联




"Xiaomi: www.fy119.com" -- the gun is not a gun

By the unreal engine 4 of the millet www.fy119.com, near future military themes as the theme, with exquisite pictures, lifelike scene and realistic guns, for players to fully enjoy the sense of first-person perspective. R&d team pays attention to the core of the game shooting experience, on the operation mode, hit the feedback and feel constantly optimized, continuously provide fresh style, rich in the choice of players.

"Millet www.fy119.com" flagship "fair competition", for "spelled marksmanship not only gun" development concept, pay attention to fair competition, same class gun properties parameters of weapons, weapons firearms attribute parameters of different skin maintain relative balance, insisted that competitive, with the strength to do the most fair FPS mobile game.


由虚幻4引擎打造的《小米www.fy119.com》,以近未来军事题材为主题,拥有精致的画面、逼真的场境和写实的枪械,让玩家充分享受到第一人称视角的代入感。研发团队十分注重游戏的核心射击体验,在操作方式、击打反馈和手感上不断优化, 不断提供新鲜玩法,丰富玩家们的选择。



The user experience is www.fy119.com and www.fy119.com

FPS market continues to trend blowout over 2017, including tencent, netease, a perfect world, many famous game companies have released new products, the user demand has experience shooting elements, from simply extended to claim to the differential characteristics and the depth of immersion, "www.fy119.com", "www.fy119.com" and "millet www.fy119.com" will become a powerful FPS market competitive products.

While the user experiences the game at www.fy119.com, it's also the culture of www.fy119.com, www.fy119.com. Western hills in the exposure at the same time in the RuanJiaoHui "xishan in www.fy119.com" brand, and expect to www.fy119.com culture as the carrier, to create more value for shooting game fans, provide more quality products and services.

用户体验的是www.fy119.com 更是www.fy119.com文化




RuanJiaoHui scene, xishan r also launched the "FPS" carnival celebrations, invited many famous international teams to team to be present, for the player and the media presents a wonderful international tournament. According to xishan FPS division in total producer Jiang Changsong FPS game have strong natural attributes of e-sports and view and admire a gender, the future "www.fy119.com", "www.fy119.com", and other products will continue to expand cooperation, build ecological, attract more players involved.软交会现场,西山居还启动了“FPS嘉年华”庆祝活动,邀请多支国际知名战队到场,为玩家和媒体呈现了一场精彩的国际级电竞赛事。据西山居FPS事业部总制作人姜长嵩介绍,FPS游戏具备天然的电竞属性和强观赏性,未来《www.fy119.com》、《www.fy119.com》等产品将不断扩展赛事合作,打造赛事生态,吸引更多玩家参与其中。


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